Incorporation and ASX listing

Triton Minerals is a mineral exploration and development company formerly incorporated in Australia as Australian Mineral Fields Limited. Triton Minerals Ltd listed on the Australian Securities Exchange on 14th August 2009 as Triton Gold Ltd (Triton Gold) (ASX:TON).

In the beginning

As Triton Gold, the Company completed grass-roots exploration on a number of projects in the Albany Fraser province of Western Australia. The Company also entered into an Earn-In Agreement with an Alaskan company, Tushtena Resources on the Tushtena project in Alaska and acquired the gold rights associated with Poseidon Nickel’s Windarra project located in the Laverton Greenstone Belt.
During the second half of 2011, most of the exploration on the Company’s holdings in the Albany Fraser province was wound back whilst an assessment of the potential of each project was made. By the early part of 2012, the Company’s holdings in the Albany Fraser province had been reduced to only the most prospective parts of the Salmon Gums and Fraser Range North projects. In June of 2012, a Farm-In Agreement was signed with Matsa Resources allowing them to earn up to a 90% interest in the Fraser Range North project.

Acquisition of Grafex and Mozambique graphite project

Also in June of 2012, a binding term sheet was signed with the sole legal and beneficial holder of five graphite prospecting licence applications in the Cabo Delgado Province of Mozambique, Grafex Lda (Grafex). In October of 2012, the Company officially committed to a Joint Venture Agreement with Grafex. The terms of the JV agreement gave Triton a 49% interest in the project with the option to earn up to 80%.
In November of 2012, the first two of the graphite prospecting licences held by Grafex were granted by the Mozambique government. In February 2013, an additional two exploration licence applications were acquired, significantly increasing the size of the land position, and in March 2013 work officially commenced on the granted prospecting licences.

Changing to Triton Minerals Ltd

At the end of February 2013, Triton Gold officially changed its name to Triton Minerals Ltd to reflect the Company’s new and more diverse minerals portfolio.
In late November of 2013, Triton moved from holding a 49% interest in Grafex to a majority 60% interest in the Mozambique graphite projects.
In July 2014, Triton moved to an 80% ownership interest in Grafex. Under the terms of the JV agreement, Triton can move to a 100% equity interest in Grafex on upon payment of the relevant buy out amounts by February 2016.
Triton is working tirelessly to develop its Mozambique graphite projects and bring them to production.

TMG and beyond

Triton hopes to establish Triton Mozambique graphite, produced from its Mozambique graphite projects (TMG) as the global graphite-industry benchmark by aiming to offer the world’s lowest cost and most diversified graphite product range, together with the longevity of a reliable supply of high quality flake graphite.

Triton hopes to establish Triton Mozambique graphite, produced from its Mozambique graphite projects (TMG) as the global graphite-industry benchmark.

Triton is also actively pursuing vertical integration opportunities to be involved in all aspects of the graphite supply chain, which Triton believes will add significant value to the Company and its shareholders in the long term.
Triton wishes to thank each and every one of its loyal shareholders and hopes that they continue to support us as the Triton story continues to develop.

Incorporation of Australian Mineral Fields Inc

14 August 2009
ASX listing of Triton Gold Ltd

December 2012
Acquisition of key Graphite projects in Mozambique

April 2013
Exploration activities commenced at Balama North

February 2014
103Mt Graphite Resource at Cobra Plains

October 2014
Nicanda Hill Maiden JORC Resource

November 2014
Nicanda Hill Scoping Study

January 2015
Nicanda Hill DFS commences

March 2015
Strategic Alliance formed with AMG at Ancuabe project

April 2015
Triton secures 1st offtake agreement wit YXGC (China) 20 years 200,000p/a

14 May 2015
Triton becomes vertically integrated through entry into enhanced product JVs

June 2015
Triton’s new website launched

2015 and beyond
the Triton story continues to develop