Xingmin (Max) Ji
Xingmin (Max) JiNon-Executive Chairman

Max Ji possess over 20 years of experience in the finance and investment fields. He has worked in China, Hong Kong, USA, Singapore and Australia in the fields of stock market investment, foreign currency, real estate and trade, as well as various other projects.

Previously, Mr Ji has been involved in being the main shareholder for more than 20 companies, including a public listed company listed on the Shanghai stock market. He has been a Director and Chairman for many companies, some of which were for joint venture with Hong Kong, USA, Russia and Australia.

Mr Ji has a proven track record for investing in profitable projects. In 2006, while at the Qingdao Underwater World, the project received the award for “Best Investment and Profit” from the China Investment Association. Mr Ji is also a partner in China for Angel Gorden (a large mutual fund in the USA).

Mr Ji is currently the Chairman and Director for Minjar Gold Pty Ltd as well as the CEO for Tianye Australia Group. Mr Ji was the CEO of Minjar Gold Pty Ltd from 2011-2014.

Peter Canterbury
Peter CanterburyManaging Director

Mr Canterbury has substantial experience in leading ASX-listed mining companies, most recently as Chief Executive Officer of ASX-listed Bauxite Resources Limited. Prior to this, Mr Canterbury was Chief Financial Officer of Sundance Resources Limited for six years. Mr Canterbury played a lead role in negotiating the Mining and Development convention for Sundance in Cameroon for the US$5 billion iron ore mine rail and port project. He was also critical in rebuilding Sundance as acting CEO following the tragic plane crash in June 2010, which claimed the lives of the entire Board.

In addition to Mr Canterbury’s key role at Sundance, his experience in the African mining sector includes oversight of the GBG bauxite mine in Guinea in his role as Chief Financial Officer of Dadco Europe. Mr Canterbury’s career includes several senior positions with Alcoa World Alumina in finance, marketing and project development.

Patrick Burke
Patrick BurkeNon-Executive Deputy Chairman

Mr Burke holds a Bachelor of Law Degree from the University of Western Australia and has extensive legal, commercial and corporate advisory experience for ASX listed companies. He has acted as a director for a number of ASX and aim listed small to mid-cap resources companies over the past 10 years. His legal expertise is in corporate, commercial and securities law, with an emphasis on capital raisings and mergers and acquisitions. His corporate advisory experience includes identification and assessment of acquisition targets, strategic advice, structuring and pricing, negotiation, funding, due diligence and management of process. He contributes general commercial and legal skills along with a strong knowledge of the ASX requirements.

Mr. Burke serves as a director for ASX listed ATC Alloys Limited (formerly Hazelwood Resources Limited) and is a director of Uranium Resources Inc.

Guanghui (Michael) Ji
Guanghui (Michael) JiNon-Executive Director

Michael Ji graduated from North China Electric Power University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Engineering in Management.

Mr Ji has formerly worked for various famous mining companies throughout China and Mongolia. He has been involved in production management and international mining resource development for 16 years, mainly in the gold and non-ferrous metal mining and processing sector. He has significant technology and management abilities.

Mr Ji is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Director for Minjar Gold Pty Ltd.

Paula Ferreira
Paula FerreiraNon-Executive Director

Ms. Ferreira is a Mozambican citizen and a Chartered Accountant certified by Ordem dos Contabilistas e Auditores do Mocambique (OCAM) with over 44 years of experience.

Ms. Ferreira is a highly qualified professional having spent over 15 years of her early career in the construction industry as an accountant, Chief Financial Officer and senior executive. She was one of the founders of the major Mozambican construction company CETA, having a strategic role in the merger of the 6 construction companies that formed CETA.

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