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  • Operate under ethical business practices and effective corporate governance.
  • Integrate sustainable development principles that support and benefit all stakeholders in all corporate decision-making.
  • Respect and support local communities and cultures in the places we operate.
  • Establish transparency in engaging and communicating with stakeholders, as well as independently verified reporting arrangements.
  • Adopt and execute sound risk management strategies across all facets of the business.
  • Continuously improve performance in the management of the health and safety of staff of the Company and our business partners.
  • Follow integrated and consultative approaches to land management that enhance biodiversity and minimise the environmental impact of our operations.
  • Operate in a professional, transparent and accountable manner in all Company dealings.


Health & Safety Policy

  • The Company has a responsibility to provide a workplace that is safe and free of risks to health for our employees, contractors, and local communities
  • The Company must continue to seek to improve the health and safety of our operations by identifying, and taking action to reduce the risk of adverse health or safety to all stakeholders.
  • The Company operates within the state and federal government regulatory requirements and aims to keep informed of improved practices and procedures.
  • We must provide leadership and support to all people involved in our operations to achieve the stated goals of the health and safety policy.

Community Relations Policy

  • The Company commits to open dialogue, fair dealing and sharing of the benefits of mining development.
  • The Company will engage and consult with the local communities, in particular with Traditional Owners in the areas we operate to appropriately plan and conduct our operations.
  • Aim to provide opportunities to local service providers where suitable resources are available.

Employee Relations Policy

  • Aim to provide opportunities to staff with fairness and without any form of prejudice.
  • To promote personal development by providing training, education and involvement opportunities.